BEYSAD BE4 IInd Summit White Goods and Suppliers’ Industry 4.0 IInd Summit Held
23 November 2018

In order to contribute in the White Goods and Suppliers’ Industry aspect of the Industry 4.0 movement that has taken off with great enthusiasm in our country, we held the first Industry 4.0 gathering in the country in November 2016 with a high participation rate.

The second of this special summit - the White Goods and Suppliers’ Industry BE4 IInd Summit - was carried out in Ozyegin University Resat Aytac Auditorium, Istanbul on Friday, November 23, 2018.

This special event was realized with the support of first of all our main sponsor Ozyegin University who opened its space for us as well as our robot (ABB, Fanuc, Festo, Kuka, and Omron) and automation and software (Egebimtes, Entek Otomasyon, Ono Teknoloji, Pan Teknoloji, and TrexDcas) shareholders.

Moreover, the event became much more beneficial with the informative inputs of TUSIAD; Arçelik, BSH, Candy Hoover and Vestel that are our main industry speakers who opened up our horizons with their experiences; and Alkaze and Albert Solino Danışmanlık who contributed with their knowledge on incentive mechanisms.

At the BEYSAD BE4 IInd Summit, which was attended by approximately 220 individuals, the new industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – was told by the leading professionals in their fields from the point of view or the sector; and also, with the presentations and at the stands of the event sponsors, detailed information on transformation-related solutions was gained.
At the event, besides informative presentations, the sponsoring companies’ sample hardware and solutions at the setups in the foyer were examined thoroughly.
The program began with a moment of silence and singing the National Anthem and continued with the opening speech given by BEYSAD President Mr. Ş. Burak Ozaydemir, who briefly talked about which organizations and awareness campaigns they had been carrying out and where to come to these days, the purpose of this organization to shape the future and the road map projected for the aftermath. The focus of the speech was the Industry +.0 Competency Center to be founded in the Ozyegin University campus.
BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers’ Industry) President Mr. S. Burak Ozaydemir, said in his opening speech of the event: “As our White Goods and Suppliers’ Industry sector has the 2nd highest production volume in the world and the highest in Europe and with the deep supply chain structure and cooperation culture as a cluster, its products and processes are affected by digitalization, we think that it could be a leading and exemplary sector for the Industry 4.0 in our country and also, we think that the transformation is critical for the global competitiveness of the sector.

The Industry 4.0 Revolution is expected to have substantial impacts on business models and supply chain structures. These opportunities and risks require organizations to evaluate the digital transformation as something beyond their short-term conjunctures and investment feedback calculations.

In the light of this finding, BEYSAD aims to engage the Industry 4.0 Competency Center by the end of 2019, which will support the sector with counseling, education and research as the likes of it in the world, in project partnership with Ozyegin University with its proximity to our sector, academic vastness and entrepreneurial culture and TUSIAD that nationally leads Industry 4.0 transformations. 

We believe that our White Goods and Suppliers’ Industry 4.0 IInd Summit - BE4 program has created an efficient medium of exchange for our members, main industries, technology companies, students and Ozyegin University, who all came together in the University campus – where they exchanged public policies, the main industries shared their experiences, the technology companies offered sector-specific solutions, and the University provided academic presentations.

We would like to thank Ozyegin University for its hospitality and all the participants for their contributions. “

Next, the host Ozyegin University Rector Prof Dr. Esra Gencturk took the stage for her opening speech and said that they were thrilled to host the BEYSAD event and talked about the successful projects completed by the University in its 10 years of existence.

She was followed by Ozyegin University Rector Assistant Prof. Dr. Reha Civanlar who gave a brief presentation on the shareholding between Ozyegin University and TUSIAD and the Industry 4.0 Competency Center project, led by BEYSAD, and accomplishments expected.

TUSIAD Board Member Bahadir Balkir took the stage next to provide an overview on TUSIAD Industry 4.0 projects and gave messages to especially Young Beysad members and gave the stage to Inci Holding Board Member and TUSİAD SD2 Duty Power Head Perihan Inci, who gave an informative presentation on the progress in the SD2 project and the point reached.

The last opening speech was given by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, R&D Incentives General Management, Industry and Technology Specialist Sercan Oztürk. He shared information on the progress achieved so far and the future plans in the public.

The second session was mostly on presentations on exemplary projects of our main industries as to Industry 4.0. These presentations were highly impressive, vision-opening, and guiding as to sector practices and drew great interest.
The first guest of the session was Arcelik Production and Technology General Manager Assistant and TUBITAK Board Member Oguzhan Ozturk with his presentation named “Digital Transformation in the Industry” who was followed by BSH RTC Region Industry 4.0 Manager Mr. Mischa Maier, Candy Hoover Group Turkey CEO Servet Akkaynak and lastly, Vestel White Goods Factories Automation and Project Development Manager Tolga Ozdenli, who all gave impressive presentations with videos from their premises. As main industries, they shared their Industry 4.0 visions, road plans, experiences, and exemplary activities.
This afternoon session was completed by the presentations given by our Robot Automation shareholders. The informative presentation on the Industry 4.0 Competency Center planned to be built in the OzU Technology Transfer Office by the BEYSAD-OzU and TUSIAD shareholding and qualified for support in the scope of the EU IPA II Project was provided by Ozyegin University School of Engineering academic and OzU Project Leader Doctor Erinc Albey, who put great effort in the project. The afternoon session ended with the presentations of the sponsor companies on the white goods sector specific robotic and automation solutions.

The guests of this session were ABB Robot Department General Manager Cem Emre Tural; Fanuc Robotik Technical Manager Murat Kisa; Festo Customer Solutions Department Manager Fikret Kemal Akyuz; Kuka Robotik Turkey Country Manager Kagan Abidin and Omron Marketing Manager Nurcan Konak.

After a brief break, the last session began, where Albert Solino Danışmanlık Co-Founder Erden Tuzunkan took the stage to talk about the software solutions offered by the sponsors and how and where to get incentives.

In this session, the Albert Solino presentation was preceded by Egebimtes Production Management Systems Director Alper Yurtoglu, Entek Otomasyon Sales and Marketing Director Sami Ozkan Dibek, ONO Teknoloji Co-Founder Melih Kocaman, PAN Teknoloji General Manager Ali Fuat Uzun, and TrexDcas Project Sales Engineer Anil Atalay who gave impressive and informative presentations and offered solutions.

We have completed the second of these events that have begun to shape our future and underlining our determination once more to keep organizing such events, we would like to thank all our shareholders for their material and moral support.

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