How Is Digital Transformation Agenda Shaped In The White Goods Suppliers Industry?” In Collaboration With KoçSistem
11 September 2020

BEYSAD’s informational webinars and online trainings continue and we are thrilled by the interest we get from our members.

As BEYSAD, we organized an about 2-hour long webinar on September 11, Friday featuring experts in their fields on the technology trends and application examples that play a big part in the digital transformation of the White Goods Sector in collaboration with Turkey’s leading technology company KoçSistem and KoçDigital, subsidiary of KoçSistem founded in cooperation with Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

We would like to thank first of all the KoçSistem Team and all our members for their participation and contribution in this online event held specially for BEYSAD members and attended by 35 people, where we could listen to the point that technology has come to, what kind of a difference these technologies can create in our business processes, and a variety of project examples from the industry.

The program started with the welcome speech given by BEYSAD President Mr. Ş. Burak Özaydemir. Next, Koç Sistem Consumer Durables Senior Segment Marketing Manager Mrs. Ezgi Tanık Acar gave a presentation on KoçSistem & Focus Sector’s Point of View.

The presentation was followed by Consumer Durables Sector Leader Mr. Emir Türkmen’s informative speech  on the following titles and sub-headings.

How is Internet of Things Transforming the Consumer Durables Sector?

  • How can production be increased via IoT in the Suppliers’ Industry? How can Employee, Part, Shift Optimization solutions be realized?
  • How can the Product Quality Control processes be digitalized further? What are Predictive Maintenance applications?
  • How is the technology shaping the sector including Digitalization areas needed with Covid-19 such as Smart Social Distance solutions and Advanced Analytical Solutions that create a difference in key fields including the supply chain and production?

In the next presentation, e-Solutions Marketing Senior Product Manager Mr. Akın Aksu gave information on the following titles:

How are e-Document Solutions Helping Companies?

  • In this era when we try to minimize social contact after Covid-19, how is the e-Solutions product family including e-Dispatch List, e-Invoice, e-Archive and e-Ledger solutions contributing to companies?

As the last presenter, RPA Marketing Product Manager Mr. Anıl Birkan provided comprehensive information on the title below:

Robots On Duty in the Suppliers’ Industry: Digital Labor RPA & OCR 

  • How are Digital Labor and OCR technologies developed on RPA technology used by ccompanies in their digital transformation journey used in order to increase productivity and create rapid, fool-proof and high quality outputs?

The program continued with a Q&A section and lasted for about 1.5 hours.

We would like to see you in the next event…

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