"Paradigma Shift And Digital Transformation Solutions In Production" Event In Cooperation With Egebimtes Within The Scope Of BEYSAD Industry 4.0 Committee's Operatins
5 April 2022

On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, from 02:00 to 03:30 PM, we held an event that lasted 1.5 hours, in cooperation with Egebimtes, within the scope of BEYSAD Industry 4.0 Committee work.  An event on "Paradigm Shift in Production and Digital Transformation Solutions" was held at the event, attended by approximately 50 people.

Event Content:

• Digital Transformation and paradigm shift in production

• Is it possible to reduce the uncertainties in front of digital transformation projects with a lean digital transformation approach?

• New technology solutions for less loss, higher productivity and more flexible production

• Use of intelligent decision support algorithms in production

• Information about Mas4.0 (Mes) smart factory solutions

We would like to thank all our event speakers.

• Alper Yurtoğlu: Production Management Systems Director

• Murat Yanbastıoğlu: Business Solutions Manager

We would like to thank all our members who showed interest in the event, especially Egebimtes officials and Industry 4.0 Committee members, for this event that contains important information, and we hope to see you at our other events.

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