With BEYSAD-TET cooperation; Trade Delegatıon To Inda Held BEYSAD, Voltas Beko and Samsung Factories Visited
2 - 9 November 2019

BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers’ Association) in cooperation with BEYSAD’s major shareholder TET (Union of Electric and Electronic Exporters) held a Trade Delegation to India on November 02-09, 2019. 28 individuals in total, including 14 BEYSAD members, attended the delegation. The event involved visits to BEYSAD Voltas Beko and Samsung factories in 2 separate programs and in this context, it was highly productive for the sector. We would like to thank our shareholder TET for this option of 2 distinct programs in terms of operation and their cooperation and support for the trip as well as TET and BEYSAD Supervisory Board Member Mr. Besim T. Oktayer, TET Branch Chief Mr. Ali Kaldırımcı and TET Assistant Specialist Ms. Buket Aktaş for accompanying us during the trip.

Program content partner BEYSAD President Mr. Ş. Burak Özaydemir gave the following statement on the event: “One of the world’s fastest growing economies India holds significant opportunities for the White Goods Sector with its existing low product penetration rate as well as with its production volume of about 25 million due to the fact that the market has been growing fast recently. We, BEYSAD, think that the event including visits to producers and B2B meetings makes a critical contribution regarding the Indian Market in line with our goal of increasing the international operations of our members. We would like to share that we are very proud to see Arçelik did an important investment led by a Turkish team in a location like India. We would like to thank the TET team for their endeavor in this trip and all our participating members.”

On the event, the program coordinator TET Union Supervisory Board Member Mr. Besim T. Oktayer gave the following assessment: “We held a very successful and long trade delegation organized by the Union of Electric and Electronic Exporters with BEYSAD. All the attendees were devoted to discovering a new market. We had 6 flights in 7 days. We got to see a giant country – as big as a continent – from one end to another. We saw a strikingly different country. However, I am delighted to mention that our sector has a major opportunity here. As far as what we have learnt from the companies we had meetings with, even though labor costs were fairly low, they had already been importing some of the materials produced by our members. Arçelik’s big investment in India made us proud. Arçelik Executives, including Fikri Özdemir especially, gave us such a warm welcome. Thank to them, we felt at home and thought we could not be more proud of them. Called the China of future, India is a country of opportunities with its annual 8% growth rate. We would like to thank Ali Kaldırımcı and Buket Aktaş from TET and Ayşegül Koç from BEYSAD for their efforts in the event.”

The event started off by going to the city of Bengaluru over Mumbai and with a group briefing meeting in the first evening. The next day, a special welcome ceremony was held in Bengaluru and B2B meetings followed the opening speeches.

After the B2Bs, the BEYSAD team set off to the city of Chennai to visit the Samsung Factories and on 05.11.2019, Tuesday a visit to the Samsung factory and B2B meetings with BEYSAD were held. The group was hosted hospitably in the Samsung Refrigerator and Washing Machine factories – it was a very productive day.

On the same day, the BEYSAD team went to Ahmetabad to see Arçelik’s subsidiary Voltas Beko’s new business. The team was given a warm welcome from the hotel by Arçelik, Voltas Beko executives. On 06.11.2019 Wednesday, the team got to see the Voltas Beko refrigerator investment on site in Gujerat Region and was given information on the business in progress with great sacrifices and devotion. We were extremely proud to see Arçelik, a Turkish company, waving our flag in a different geography with such devotion and success with a major shareholder like Voltas Beko. We would lilke to congratulate Voltas Beko Operation Director Mr. Fikri Özdemir and the entire team for their efforts and wish them a continued success. We would like to thank Mr. Fikri Özdemir and his team as well as Arçelik Turkey Purchasing Directorate for their hospitality.

In the same evening, the BEYSAD team left for Mumbai and came together with the TET team there. On 07.11.2019 Thursday, they had equally successful B2B meetings. The opening ceremony of the first day was glamorous again and the ceremony was attended by T.R. Consul General to Mumbai Mr. Ali Tolga Kaya. On the evening, we had dinner with the Consul and the Commercial Attache.

On 08.11.2019 Friday, the last day of the trip, T.R. Mumbai Commercial Attache Mr. Hüseyin Aydın was visited. The BEYSAD team also visited white goods sales points to see the market on site.

A big thank to the participating members of BEYSAD…
Anot Makine, Atasan Metal, ATM Beyaz Eşya, Deka Elektroteknik, Dizayn Optimum Mühendislik, Kabel Kablo, Konveyör Beyaz Eşya, Nar Emaye, San Metal, Schott Orim, Tekno Kauçuk, Turaş Gaz …
For their attention and candid cooperation during the trip and event that included 6 flights, 4 separate cities and 4 separate hotels…

We hope to see you at another productive event…

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